• Resources for volunteers, donors, nonprofits, and those in need all in one location
  • Easy to search resource to drive donations.
  • lowers volunteer turnover by providing information such as the volunteer process, how long the volunteer opportunity lasts and what is involved.
  • Each nonprofit has their own easily searchable calendar which is automatically entered into our main website calendar, which is for nonprofit events only.
  • More exposure on a level playing field
  • Community targeted Marketing
  • Can be used as a cheaper alternative to a website to start with
  • We give options of a financial donation platform that reduces the cost of receiving donations
  • Free Access to Moving truck
  • Analytics on your profile
  • Easy to use with simplified profiles, and tutorials.
  • Profile divided into sections so info is easy to find and edit, help from us to set everything up, customer service, tutorials.
  • Multiple ways to be paid for can find sponsor, pay monthly or yearly,
  • Low cost option of less than $1.50 a day